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Square pegs don't fit in round holes.

We've learned this is pre-school but somehow we've forgotten.

Over the past 25 years, Dre has acquired a wealth of knowledge by helping businesses overcome changes in the areas listed below.

Entrepreneurs trying to automate

Sometimes we overlook simple solutions and take things too far because we’re deadset on fixing only one part of a larger issue. Are you ready to cut expenses and streamline the process?

Small businesses looking to scale

Effective scalability starts with learning how to complete more work without hiring more people. Let's talk about my Hasenpfeffer method and ways to mitigate wasteful use of time and staff.

Churches large and small

Is your pastoral team confused about safely streaming sermons, prayer calls, and general events? I mediate the needs of religious organizations' effective use of streaming & media in the new millennium so you can focus on spreading the message.

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